Hi! I'm Jason, from Atlanta, Georgia. I have a bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University and a Graduate Certificate in Industrial Design Fundamentals from the Georgia Institute of Technology. I recently just finished an internship at NASA Langley as a Graduate Design Sprint Intern.

I like tackling complex issues, the more wicked, the better! I think these kinds of problems give lots of room for creativity and abstract thinking. As a NASA intern, I engaged in and helped facilitate many sprints that tried to tackle some of the worlds complex issues. Some of these sprints I had the privilege to be part of innovated ways for aviation to play a role in healthcare, carbon capture, and food insecurity.

My intrigue in multifaceted challenges led me to cultivate a wide assortment of hobbies and interests. During my undergrad education, I participated in debate club, all-university orchestra, and the Carnegie Mellon Racing team. In my free time I enjoy playing music, cooking, drawing, and traveling.

I love working with my hands and bringing ideas into a physical space. I love to tinker and am known to spend hours in the machine shop. I am proficient with Solidworks, Fusion 360, Adobe Suite, Rhino, Keyshot, Vray, and an assortment of machine shop tools.

I am looking forward to my next opportunity where I can leverage my background to innovate new solutions to the worlds most complex challenges!