phone cradle

3d modeling assignment

The Retro Phone Cradle was designed as a part of a 3d modeling assignment. The final product must follow the 5-3-2-1 rule: 5 total parts, 3 manufactured parts, 2 purchased parts, and 1 hand-made part. It was inspired by electroncis form the 90s.

Phone Cradle

concept 1

DEsign 1

Using a basic fusion 360 model as my template, I ideated 2 concepts with 3 designs each. (In total 6)

Design 2

Design 3

concept 1


DEsign 4

concept 2

DEsign 5

Design 6



In this exploded view, all the parts that satisfy the 5-3-2-1 rule is shown. (5 parts, 3 manufactured parts, 2 bought parts, 1 handmade part)


Cutaway View

Cutaway view


3d printing

print failure

Deformation of part while printing. Part needed to be round to be able to articulate.

print failure

Extruder detached from nozzle head 27 hours into the print.

Spray paint

I chose a slightly off-white color to make the cradle feel more retro.

spray painted parts

Articulating part

The cradle articulated around a screw and nut. The tightness of the screw applies the amount of friction needed to keep the cradle upright, but still articulatable.

Mesh Cover

The mesh cover is hand made, and covers the LED matrices underneath. It is supposed to look like the speaker mesh on a retro computer.


final model


final model

back upright

I used different golden ratio circles line up the posture and create a seating line. I then created 2 more curves: one supporting the arm, and one in between the two. I then lofted these curves on Rhino to create a seating bucket.

back upright

final model

upright with phone

final model

folded with phone

3d model


3d model